We have conducted many trips to multiple countries within the continent of Africa. The following are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please do not hesitate to use our contact page and submit your question directly to our staff.

What does the trip include?

  • International flight
  • Daily food (breakfast, lunch dinner)
  • Domestic transportation (including any domestic flights and daily ground transport)
  • All group activities
  • Different daily workouts every morning
  • Accommodation


What is not included in the trip?

  • Cost of any required vaccines or malaria pills
  • Travel insurance


Where do the flights leave from?

We originate flights from New York City, New York as well as Washington D.C. Those leaving from outside those cities will either take a connecting flight to one of those cities or fly separately. We will coordinate the flights to ensure you’re together with the group.


Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance isn’t required. However we strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance. We have made agreements with a world class travel insurance company called World Nomads. You can find out more and even get a quote right from our Travel Insurance page. You can receive up to $3000 in lost or stolen baggage coverage, $100,000 in medical coverage, and more.


If I have an emergency, will there be a doctor?

Yes, we will have local medical facilities and doctors available, if needed. However, you are responsible for protecting your own well-being and personal property before, during, and after the trip. This includes ensuring any and all vaccinations, inoculations, or prescribed medications are taken as directed by your local doctor and/or travel clinic for the areas visited.


Do I need a visa?

Not every country we visit requires a visa, but for those that do you will need:

  • Valid passport for at least 6 months
  • Yellow fever vaccination (if the country requires it)
  • Two valid passport size photos
  • Where we’ll be staying (we will provide)
  • Host letter (we will provide)
  • Flight/trip itinerary (we will provide)


How does rooming work?

You have the option of single or double room. You pay $100 extra if you would like your own room. Otherwise you will be paired with a roommate (you’re welcome to choose your roommate as well).


Do I need to get shots?

Depending on which country we’re visiting, you will have a list of recommended shots and vaccinations from your doctor. However, the main required vaccination, in many of the countries we’re visiting, is yellow fever. Here is a list of places you can get your yellow fever shot. You can get this from your general physician or you can visit these options below:

  1. http://www.passporthealthusa.com/vaccinations/yellow-fever/
  2. https://www.globaltraveler.com/yellow-fever-vaccinations/
  3. http://www.travelersmedical.com/yellowfever.htm

Find a local clinic in your area to get it done


Should I be concerned about malaria?

Some worry about malaria. However, malaria pills can and should be taken to prevent malaria. Malaria is like getting the flu in the United States. It is something that can be serious, just like the flu. However most don’t contract it, especially with preventative measures. You need to start taking malaria pills 1 week before you leave, the whole time you’re in country and then a few days upon return. You can get the pills from multiple locations, including online. The pills are called artemisinin.

These particular pills have been personally tested, have nutritional value and no side effects – https://www.pureformulas.com/super-artemisinin-60-vegetarian-capsules-by-allergy-research-group.html

Everyone has their preference. The worst thing to do in this case is to do nothing.


How do payments work?

First you make your deposit to reserve your spot. Then, the balance is broken up evenly between the time you pay your deposit and 30 days before departure.

Here is an example. Let’s say the trip is $7500 with a $1500 deposit. This leaves a balance of $6000. Let’s assume you pay your deposit on January 1 and the trip leaves August 1. This means you will make payments from February 1 until July 1, which is 6 months. So, we will send you a payment request for $1000 each month on the first, starting February 1.

If you want to pay the whole trip, in full, in advance, we will issue you a 3% discount. Please use our contact form to make your request and we will make arrangements for full payment. If we have an open seat and it is 30 days or less, full payment is required. However, no discount will be afforded.


What if i don’t dance or like to workout?

All workouts and dance sessions are highly suggested but not mandatory.


What if I did not see my question?

If you do not find the answer to your question on this page, please do not hesitate to use our contact page and submit your question directly to our staff.